Levi Luz created and directed the film that gave birth to the lovely family you see above.
Stil wrote some of the texts and the comic strips.
Vinicius Vogel, dad #3, created the character's looks and designed them for the page. He also helped with the layout.
Manu was responsible for the visual programming of the page (a.k.a. designer).
Lia turned it all into webpages, put it into the internet and she's the one you'll be talking with when you write to 'webmaster'.
Paulo Luna drew the animals which are in Grandpa's Chest, and DeLara, Will,   Jarbas  and André are our official   drawers. Flavia and Ana help us a lot coloring the figures.
Thomas Wilson financed the whole web site!

Estamos hospedados na Easynet!



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