Kadike is bringing back the fun of colouring in, cutting out and putting together pictures, encouraging children to be creative.

As the activities involve using scissors and glue, it’s recommended that smaller children are supervised. As usual, we suggest that you use round edged scissors and household, child-safe glue.

The activities should follow this order. First, print out the pictures, so that the children can get painting. Let him/her choose which colours to use. Those figures already coloured in can be printed as they are, but it’d be a great waste of coloured ink! After colouring them in, the pictures can be cut out and put up like in the figure, so that they’re standing up. If the paper’s too thin, you can fold the cutouts at the bottom, and then stick them to the base. You only need the smallest drop of glue to join the most awkward parts together and keep the figures vertical.

Kadike will combine new ideas with memories of games from the past. Whoever says that the computer is creativity’s enemy will have the chance to reconsider that opinion on this web site…